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Rye Lodge was founded in 1888 from its founding lodge, Beadon 619

Rye Lodge meets on the 1st Monday in October (Installation), 2nd Monday in February, the 4th Monday in May and November at the Mumbai Square Masonic Centre (Corvinos) 7 Middlesex Street, London E1 7AA.

LOI meets alternate Tuesdays at The Watermark Club, Scrutton St. London. EC2A.



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Our Worshipful Master welcomes you to the website of Rye Lodge 2272.

Rye is a Freemasons Lodge within the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London.

Join the Freemasons in London Picture 2Join the Masons and what that entails.

For too long Masons have been thought of doing shady things behind closed doors. Our Master has asked this and other pages on our site be created in a spirit of openness to try and help people really understand why so many men decide they want to join the Masons. World wide there are estimated to be around five million Masons and no organization could have that number of members unless a lot of people have a good opinion of what Freemasons do.


Join the Freemasons in London  Picture 3What do you actually do?

I think everyone knows that Masons have ceremonies. What is not so commonly known is the reason for these ceremonies. Each of our ceremonies teaches a valuable lesson to help us live a better life. In addition to which Masons are very involved in helping those less fortunate than we are. The charitable works and monies donated by Freemasons do make a difference to the quality of life enjoyed by millions. For instance, each year our order gives a million pounds to the Royal College of Surgeons along with the words "For the betterment of mankind." Generally have not blown our trumpet about the charitable money we have given but I can tell you that the Royal College of Surgens have received that million pounds every year since early in the 20h. Century. You would be very hard pushed to find a hospice anywhere in England that is not receiving substantion funds from members of the Craft. Indeed when it comes to giving out charitable money we come second only to the National Lottery in the amount of money given to charity

Discussing religion.If I join the Craft as you call it, will it aid my career ?

The quick answer is no it will not aid you in commerce, partly because it is frowned on to use your membership in this way. It is probable that if you follow the teachings of what we call the Craft that your confidence will grow together with things like your ability to speak in public. These by products definitely are likely to help you become better at your work, but that will be about as much as you can expect to gain.


compassesI have heard it said that you are a covert organization, is that true ?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions and highlights where in the past have been bad at putting their story across. Things are changing, hence the existance of this page, but let me say right off that Freemasonry is not and never has been a covert organization. We do have some secrets but thse tend to be either ways to recognize another members or are words we use during our ceremonies. Apart from those instances we really do not have or want secrets.


CompassesWhat kind of people join the Craft?

A very high number of British monarchs have been initiated into our order as have a large number of United States Presidents. People like Winston Churchill and dozens of other names that would be familiar to you, but that is not all the story. As well as princes in the Craft we have paupers. Indeed our membership is a complete cross section of society.

CompassesDo I need to be commercially successful to join?

Absolutely not. As we said in the paragraph above, we have a complete cross section of male society in our order. It matters not if you are rich or poor. If you believe yourself to be a moral person who would like to become a better man then ask if you are eligible by sending in the e-mail that is shown as a link at the foot of this page.

CompassesWhat qualifications are needed then?

You absolutely must be a man of good character. You might have a speeding conviction on your license but you will never have been convicted of a crime. You must also have a belief in a 'higher power' but it matters not what religion you follow. Indeed there are only two subjects forbidden at our dinners. The first is religion which is personal to any man. The other qualification is that you must not be an anarchist in any form. Our order has supported the monarchy for hundreds of years in England and would shy away completely from anything that remotely suggested sedition or revolution.

CompassesWhat are the costs to join?

Each lodge sets it's own fees together with how many meetings they hold in a year. Each meeting is almost always followed by a dinner with the members of your Lodge as well as visitors from other Lodges invited as guests. Some lodges include the cost of dinner in the annual dues whilst others o not. Here at Rye Lodge we do include the cost of the years dinners so whilst this is by no means an accurate amount, you could expect to pay something like £300 in the year when you join. In addition to the fees we are all expected to give what we can reasonably afford to charities but your contribution is a personal matter and will depend totally on your financial circumstances.

CompassesWould it take much of my time?

I mentioned our ceremonies earlier and these are like plays where everyone has a part to play and lines to say. That means that we need to get together and practice and Rye Lodge has a practice each Tuesday evening for an hour or two. This also helps you build friendships within the Lodge

Create an e-mail to the Secretary of Rye Lodge who will furnish you with more information on how to join the Masons in London..



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