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Rye Lodge was founded in 1888 from its founding lodge, Beadon 619

Rye Lodge meets on the 1st Monday in October (Installation), 2nd Monday in February, the 4th Monday in May and November at the Mumbai Square Masonic Centre (Corvinos) 7 Middlesex Street, London E1 7AA.

LOI meets alternate Tuesdays at The Watermark Club, Scrutton St. London. EC2A.



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Our Worshipful Master welcomes you to the website of Rye Lodge 2272.

Rye is a Freemasons Lodge within the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London.

Join the Freemasons in London Picture 2 A short history of the Masons.

There have been so many half truths and even lies told about Freemasonry that our Master has asked that this site be created for non Masons and to answer many of the questions that people ask before they join the Masons.

The origins of Freemasonry go far back in time. A church in Scotland built in 1446 is full of Masonic symbolism Rosslyn Chapel and instances of Masonry can be traced far further back. What is beyond dispute however is that the original Masons were actual stone masons and a description of how these masons lived and worked may help a general understanding of what we call the Craft works. Long ago stone masons largely earned their living by working on churches and cathedrals and a stone mason could expect to spend several years on a project before moving on.

We do know that all the masons working on a project had certain rules of charity, one of which was that if a brother fell sick, the other masons would support him and his family until he was fully recovered. This may not be a rule but it is the case even today that if a Lodger member falls sick the other members gather round to minimise pain or hardship etc.

Now when a particular cathedral or such was completed the stone masons would look for their next project which might be hundreds of miles away and they would carry their tools and walk to the next place they would work. On route they would stop with other masons who worked and lived on the route of the itinerant masons. It would have been important to know, even at this time who was the boss or Master as well as who were the more skilled workmen so that they might receive accommodation befitting their positions. For this reason certain signs and words were given to masons which related directly to their skill and experience. These signs and words were universal among masons, so a mason could travel 500 miles from his last job and through the use of these secret words and signs would instantly be recognized as to his level of skill.

That same system exists to this day. People often ask if Masonry is a covert organization and the answer is absolutely not. We are a group though who have these same secret words and signs which denote seniority and ability, which is perhaps where the notion that Masons are a covert organization originated.

The short movie below was created by United Grand Lodge in London and hopefully will go even further in explaining our aims.


The above movie is very worth watching if you think you might like to join the Masons.

Join the Freemasons in London Picture 2 OK so what has travelling stone masons from hundreds of years ago to do with today?

At first thought you might think very little however we already mentioned the charity aspect of those travelling lodges where a sick mason would get support. Modern Masons believe very much in charity and helping those less fortunate than our selves. There was another aspect to the masons of old which is very relevant today. In those days each mason was taught his craft and was encouraged to learn and better improve his work skills. With modern Freemasonry each of us makes an effort to become a better man.

Modern Masons have not been very effective in explaining to the public at large what Masonry is, but it is a society of men banded together to try an improve themselves as men and to relieve the sufferings of those less fortunate than we may be.

Financially the Masons give vast sums of money to charity every year. Indeed it will probably amaze you to learn that each year only the National Lottery gives more money to charity than we do. The charities which we give to are both Masonic and non Masonic and as an example let us take the Royal College of Surgeons. Each year since the early 20th. Century we have given a million pounds to them with the message that it shall be used for the betterment of mankind.

You would be hard pressed to find a hospice anywhere in England not being supported to some degree by local Lodges.

I addition we have a number of schools we run for the sons and daughters of deceased Masons. There are both boarding and day schools and in the event of a Mason dying and leaving children in need, the Craft will take over their complete education and support.

These are just the tip of a very large iceberg and are quoted just to give you a general understanding.


Join the Freemasons in London Picture 2Will becoming a Mason help my career?

If I might quote President Kennedy, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country." So it is with the Masons. To attempt to use your membership of the Masons to further business interests is very much looked down on. You might say that we are Masons to try and make the lot of others easier, not to benefit ourselves financially.


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