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Rye Lodge was founded in 1888 from its founding lodge, Beadon 619

Rye Lodge meets on the 1st Monday in October (Installation), 2nd Monday in February, the 4th Monday in May and November at the Mumbai Square Masonic Centre (Corvinos) 7 Middlesex Street, London E1 7AA.

LOI meets alternate Tuesdays at The Watermark Club, Scrutton St. London. EC2A.



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Our Worshipful Master welcomes you to the website of Rye Lodge 2272.

Rye is a Masonic Lodge within the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London.

How to join the Freemasons in London Picture 2How to join the Freemasons.

Like so many other organizations the first step is simple, you just tell a Freemason that you would like to join the Freemasons. Where it becomes slightly more difficult is when you don't actually know a Freemason and if is for these people that the Master of our Lodge has ordered the creation of pages on our site which are designed to help people wanting to join the Freemasosn and to try and answer some of the more common questions that we get asked.

How to join the Freemasons in London  Picture 3Who is eligible to join the Freemasons.

Moral men of good character who have a belief in a higher power. Although it is necessary to believe in a higher power of some kind it matters not what religion you may be, if you believe in a higher power you can become a member.

How to become a freemason - Discussing religion.What is Freemasonry about?

Anyone who thinks he might like to join the Masons would do well to perform a little research on-line. It is well known that Masons have ceremonies and each ceremony is intended to teach a lesson on how we can live a better life. The cornerstone of all our teachings though is charity and helping those less fortunate than ourselves. This charity can be in several forms financial or allocating time to help someone. Overall then Masons try to find the right people to join the Freemasons and by instruction and help those men to become better.

compassesIs Freemasonry a covert organization?

Although Masonry, often referred to as the Craft, is definitely not a covert organization, it might be said that we have been very poor at explaining ourselves to the world and it is perhaps not surprsing that people thinking of how to become a Mason might think of us as a covert organization. We are a socety that has secrets, but these secrets are generally associated with recognizing another Mason or are words used in one of our ceremonies.

In recent years though Masons have become much more transparent and you will now find many pages on the Net talking about how to join the Freemasons. Part of this transparency comes in the form of accounts which are published for the world to see. These accounts tell you a lot about the aims of Masonry because it details where our money is spent. Firstly, if you look at our accounts you will see that we disburse very large sums of money to hospices all over the country. You might also be surprised to learn that each year Masons give a million pounds to the Royal College of Surgeons. This million pounds a year has been given by the Masons since early in the 20th. Century. Further investigation will show that when it comes to contributing charitable money in the UK only the National Lottery gives more.

CompassesWhat are the costs to join a Freemasons Lodge in London?

This is not an easy question because each Lodge sets it's own fees and dining costs. Approximately then, if I were to give a very rough figure you should probably be thinking of fees in the orer of £300 for the year you join.


Create an e-mail to the Secretary of Rye Lodge who will furnish you with more information on how to join the freemasons in London..



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